Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation in Long Island

The cost of divorce mediation in New York varies by a large amount. Typically, the fee for a full Divorce Mediation in New York consists of the costs of the divorce attorney, filing fees, any applicable legal fees, any required referrals, and any other miscellaneous costs. Typically, the average cost of divorce mediation is between five hundred dollars and one thousand dollars. This fee range includes the cost of one-on-one professional consultation, any applicable legal fees, the fee to file the divorce complaint with the court, and any other miscellaneous costs. Some Divorce Mediation in New York fees may include the costs of other relatives or friends to offer their assistance during a Divorce Mediation in New York.

Divorce Mediation in New York involves the use of an amicable and collaborative approach to resolving family issues. This unique style of Divorce Mediation provides the spouses an opportunity to communicate their needs to others who are knowledgeable about similar concerns. This type of collaborative and amicable divorce mediation can help the divorcing couple to achieve its goals without spending thousands of dollars through prolonged litigation.

Divorce Mediation on Long Island that utilizes the “consent of the parties” as a criterion for mediation approval often results in a faster and more affordable Divorce Mediation. “Consent of the parties” means that each spouse was given notice of the issues to be discussed and has been given the opportunity to participate in the Divorce Mediation. The “party” (the person requesting the Divorce) must have the “informed consent” to the commencement of Divorce Mediation. Without this “informed consent”, the Divorce Mediation will not be considered valid and cannot result in the mediated divorce being accepted by the court. Both parties must agree to the type of Divorce Mediation and provide written informed consent for the agreement to proceed.

There are several types of Divorce Mediation in New York. The most common forms are the individualized litigation Divorce Mediation, which is composed of one or more sessions with a single licensed Divorce Attorney, and also the family law family mediation, which is facilitated by a licensed Divorce Attorney and supported by other members of the divorcing couple’s family and friends. Often, parties who wish to pursue a full trial may elect to have a judge preside over the Divorce Mediation. In instances where one party is represented by a private lawyer and the other party is represented by an attorney, the mediator presides over the parties and their lawyers. If a divorce mediation is selected, it is incumbent upon the divorcing couple and their attorneys to mutually agree on all terms and submit written documents to the family law courts. If one party chooses not to participate in the Divorce Mediation or chooses an attorney not listed on the parties’ agreement, then the case will be heard exclusively by the courts.

During the Divorce Mediation, the parties and their attorneys are expected to produce records and documentation related to the minor children, financial information, asset appraisals, tax returns, settlement agreements and records of other financial hardships (if any). The Divorce Mediation will be an opportunity for the divorcing spouses to meet and speak with each other and their attorneys. Both parties are encouraged to express their concerns and to make any necessary changes.

Once all issues are discussed, a report will be filed with the family courts and a date will be scheduled for the Divorce Mediation. The Divorce Mediation is typically completed within two weeks. If an agreement is reached, then the mediation is completed and a court hearing will be scheduled for a final hearing after the completion of the Divorce Mediation. If an agreement cannot be reached, then both parties will have the opportunity to submit written statements to the court indicating whether or not they wish a trial.

Divorce Mediation is just one of the Divorce Options available and it is important that you are properly represented during this time. Hiring an experienced divorce attorney can make decisions regarding the Divorce Mediation easier to understand and can make decisions regarding the Divorce more favorable for you. If you have questions regarding your rights and what type of representation you should use, contact a reputable and experienced San Francisco personal injury attorney today.

Divorce Mediation in Long Island is often a productive process and can provide couples with the ability to work out marital problems amicably and without having to go to trial. When couples are able to work out their issues without the assistance of an attorney, they are more likely to reach an agreement that they can live with. The use of an attorney during a Divorce Mediation may make the process easier for you and your attorney.